Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water 

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Do you want to install the most efficient hot water service on the market that is built to last? Installing the most efficient heat pump in Australia will help your hip pocket as well as the environment.

A heat pump hot water system, such as the Sanden Eco Plus, works by concentrating heat contained in outside air and pumping it into your hot water tank using a CO2 working fluid (like a fridge in reverse); essentially using free thermal energy to heat your hot water.  Because it uses the free heat energy contained in the air outside your home it saves you money and it will even work down to -10 C. 

Get your Sanden Eco Hot Water heat pump installed by our expert team. We offer a turnkey solution: uninstalling your existing tank, sending it for recycling and upgrading you to a Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump, Australia's most efficient hot water service.

Our experienced plumbers will make sure your hot water service is installed correctly.


SPECIAL OFFER, FREE METHVEN SHOWER HEAD WITH EACH SANDEN!!!   Buy a Sanden from us and we will give you a high quality  Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow shower head  (Rose or Handheld unit, valued at $146) at no cost. This shower head uses 4.5 L/min without compromising your shower experience using revolutionary Satinjet technology.  We are determined to provide our customers with the best energy efficiency solutions. 

Check out the Methven Kiri Low flow shower head video on our YouTube page


Why Choose a Sanden Eco Plus for your hot water service? 

  • Highest efficiency heat pump in Australia - With a coefficient of performance (COP) of 6 or 600% efficient the Sanden Eco plus can save you up to 82% on your hot water energy costs!
  • 15 year warranty on the water tank - Australian made, stainless steel and a 6 year warranty on the heat pump - no worries!
  • Quietest hot water heat pump system in Australia, just 37dB - quieter than a library.
  • Power your Sanden with your rooftop solar PV system by running it from 11am using the “blockout timer”, this will save you money.  Find out how on our FAQ page or contact us and we will walk you through the process.

STC discounts for your Sanden  

The Sanden Eco Plus saves so much energy, compared with a traditional hot water service, it is eligible for small-scale technology certificates (STCs) under the government's small Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.  These STCs can be traded in for a discount on your Sanden unit, with the upshot being you can save up to $1000 off the cost of a Sanden (the STC discount will depend on the details of your installation which we will discuss with you).


Table of STCs available for each Sanden model. 




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