A quick note on solar systems and bushfire smoke

January 8, 2020 manager Leave a comment

Due to the horrendous bushfires still burning in Australia at the moment you might notice a drop in your solar production on the order of 20-30%, this is due to the bushfire smoke in the air but it also might be due to the ash being deposited on your panels.  The way to tell if you have significant ash on your panels is to check your production on a relatively clear day, if production is still down then you probably have ash on your panels which will need to be

A summertime look at insulation and shading

December 12, 2019 manager Leave a comment

When it comes to home cooling and heating the phrase 'work smart rather than working hard' applies; by that I mean you only want your air conditioning (AC) system to work as hard as is necessary to keep your house comfortable.  The way you 'work smart' is to insulate and shade (in summer) your home, that way your AC unit will have a much easier (and longer) life and the heat or 'coolth' it generates stays in your home (where you want it) instead of leaking outs

Ducted AC Vs Split system AC, which is better

December 5, 2019 manager Leave a comment


The idea of a centralised ducted AC system is attractive in some sense because the ducting can all be hidden away and routed to a centralised AC unit that could in theory by installed on your roof (assuming it is possible to install in your house).  However ducting has many downsides compared to split systems that not many people are aware of: